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Ian Dowsett

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When we moved to Harrow I quicky became involved in seeking to end Homelessness here. This has grown in magnitude since 2010 when we first started with an evening meals over a 12 week period. Today 8 years on I am a trustee of the charity which has run 7 night shelters and now employs 3 full-time staff. We have come alongside many men and women in their homelessness and been encouraged by each one that found a new home, built confidence and found work. 

Please join with me in raising money for the next stage of our work which we hope will mean more availabilty throughout the week all year round especially as we seek to provide better support for those with more challenging situations of mental health and addiction.

Thank you for whatever you can can give as this will make a huge difference to the homeless in Harrow.


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Big SleepOut!

In just eight years the number of people 'officially' recorded rough sleeping has increased more than ten fold. When one of those people walked into a local church he set in motion a series of events that would eventually see him working, housed and the inspiration for FirmFoundation ...

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