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I supervised the women's Night Shelter and provided overnight supervision for guests at FirmFoundation's Harrow Winter Night Shelter from Jan - Mar 2018.  During this time I spent time researching the rough sleeping issues in the UK and worldwide.  In the UK rough sleeping has doubled in the past five years, with increasing numbers of women: women who are often exisitng or expectant mothers, fleeing violence, or who have disabilities or health problems.  Homeless women are even more vulnerable on the street than men.  Research by Crisis, the homelessness charity, found 58% of women sleeping rough had been intimated or threatened with violence and force compared to 42% of men.

I got to know my girls at the shelter really well and I am doing this for them and for all the girls rough sleeping in London, the UK, and all over the world!  Your donations will make a huge difference for homeless girls in London and the UK.

I am enormously grateful for any donation of whatever size For the Girls.  Although the target is set at £100, hopefully your donations For the Girls will reach above and beyond this minimum amount.

Thank you very much.


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Big SleepOut!

In just eight years the number of people 'officially' recorded rough sleeping has increased more than ten fold. When one of those people walked into a local church he set in motion a series of events that would eventually see him working, housed and the inspiration for FirmFoundation ...

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